Описание курорта Сэйм

    The district of Manufahi’s capital, Same, offers a fantastic base for exploring the South Coast of East Timor. The people here are friendly and accomodating while the natural beauty of the area is outstanding. With its villages surrounded by tall forests and dense vegetation Same has a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with a fantastic climate.
    Western style accomodation on the South coast is very limited at the moment so be sure to pack some form of camping equipment before you leave Dili. You can travel on towards the West arriving in the District of Cova Lima or head East towards Viqueque. Please be aware that bad weather can make some of these routes impassable during the wet season, sometimes for several days, ask for travel advice from the local police stations along the way if you are in doubt.

    Минимальные цены на туры на ближайший месяц в Сэйм

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    Календарь минимальных цен на туры в Сэйм (Восточный Тимор) на ближайший месяц